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If you spend too much time on email and chat, try sending instant video messages and screenshots with ScreenRec. You'll get your point across faster and save precious hours.

Project Overview

We built ScreenRec to help teams across the globe reduce meetings and cut down on emails through visual communication.

Tools Used

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Online Showcase

Simple and easy on the outside, ScreenRec is built on top of a leading business video platform — StreamingVideoProvider. That’s why our users enjoy access to advanced features such as content security, privacy control, publishing, analytics, and content management.


Product Information

Explain complicated topics in seconds instead of hours. Just capture your desktop and send the shareable link. Visuals make your message clearer and people are 323% better at following visual instructions.

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Innovation at its best

With ScreenRec you can simultaneously record your desktop and your webcam in HD. Along with that, you can also capture audio from your PC or from your mic. This essentially makes ScreenRec a customer support app that enables you to offer personalized customer service.

screenRec innovation
screenRec innovation
screenRec innovation
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